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Golf Swing Sequence--measuring your golf swing sequence

Golf Swing Sequence

Huertas Sequence

Golf swing Sequence is the order in which you move the parts of your body during your downswing.

A golfer is really putting the club head in an orbit around their body.

We put satellites into earth orbit with a multi-stage rocket.

A golfer is really a five-stage rocket: the legs, hips, shoulders, arms and hands.

The only effective launch sequence is from the ground up.

In the Sequence section of our golf swing video, we show you how to accurately analyze your present golf swing sequence, and how to correct it.

Most of the best golfers in history had a ground-up golf swing sequence.

We taught our Somax sequence to a pro several years ago. We then videotaped him playing nine holes. He reported that on the swings where he successfully used the Somax golf swing Sequence, his ball hit his target. When he reverted to his conventional golf swing sequence, it did not.

This is why we say that golf swing Sequence determines consistency in golf.

Golfers with the Somax Golf Swing downswing Sequence play consistently good golf.