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Golf Swing Range--measuring how far you turn away from the ball

Golf Swing Range

Huertas Range

Range is the number of degrees you turn the parts of your body away from the ball at the top of your backswing.

The bigger your golf swing Range, the more time the parts of your body have to get up to speed prior to impact.

Range determines distance in golf. The bigger your golf swing Range, the longer you can hit the ball with less effort.

The conventional, modern golf swing attempts to improve accuracy by limiting Range.

This is foolish, as golf swing Range has nothing to do with accuracy.

Accuracy is determined by golf swing Alignment, as you will see in the Alignment section of our golf swing video.

If a golfer does improve their accuracy by restricting their golf swing Range, it is only because they have accidentally improved their Alignment.

Being able to differentiate between Range and Alignment in your golf swing, and being able to measure both accurately, will enable you to make useful improvements in your golf swing mechanics. You will get more distance and better control, instead of having to sacrifice one for the other. Conventional golf instruction cannot do this. Golfers with a conventional golf swing have to choose between distance and accuracy.

With the Somax Golf Swing DVD system, you can have both.