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Golf Swing Separation--measuring your golf swing separation

Golf Swing Separation

Huertas Separation

Golf swing Separation is the amount of time between the movement of each part of your body during your downswing sequence. The more time you have, the more distance you can get with your clubs with less effort.

Just as a multi-stage rocket does not fire all five stages at once, a successful golfer also do not fire all five stages at once. The ability to separately fire each stage is the hallmark of the best golfers in history.

The Separation section of our golf swing video shows you how to measure the amount of time between each stage of your downswing Sequence. In this way, you know where you need to work on your downswing to achieve more effortless distance.

A golf swing with good Separation looks and feels effortless.

Good golf swing Range, Sequence and Separation means less stress on your body.

You replace effort with efficiency, making the most of your mass rather than trying to power your clubs with strength alone. The Somax Golf Swing DVD will show you how to do this.